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Treadstone Climbing Gym and Covid-19

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Until the end of April now, effective \we have made the decision to close Treadstone Climbing Gym.

We will reassess the Covid-19 threat at that time, but this is a true issue that deserves all our full vigilance to contain.

In the mean time, we are placing some outdoor climbing training structures - to include a hang board - on the Bike Path behind The Gym, and will build, around that, the deck we have always wanted anyway. Fortunately, it is Spring Time and shady in that area. Let’s make that a nice Fortunately it is Spring Time and shady in that area. Let’s make that a nice spot to train. It is our intent to make sure you still can.

Further, we will continue to pay our crew, our insurance, the rent on our 16,000 square feet and all other expenses during this unprecedented challenge to society. We will use this time and our payroll to do many of the things we have always planned to do: new ninja obstacles, new climbing walls, new paint, floor sealing and get the mezzanine open.

All of this will make Treadstone Climbing Gym an even better base camp for all of us. All of that and more is what we are up to for you. Thank you so much for your continued support through this time.

We fully intend to make a lot of lemonade from this Giant Lemon we’ve been handed.

- Marc sends

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