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Congratulations to our Treadstone Aerialists!

Our Aerialists have been hard at work preparing for their performances for the 2021 Aerial Sports and Circus Competition, which live streamed over a two-day period October 2-3rd. ASCC was created by a team of Atlanta based aerialists and circus enthusiast for aerialists and circus enthusiasts.More information and the live stream replay can be found here

Our Aerial Silks program was well represented amongst the participants and we want to share with you their achievements below:

Intermediate Silks | Division Ages 8-10

1st Place: Novelle Dennis

Advanced Silks | Division Ages 14-16

1st Place: Lia [ Adaelia Huffman ]

Intermediate Sling | Division Ages 8-10

2nd Place: Everly Johnson

3rd Place: Anna McQuien

Advanced Sling | Division 14-16

1st Place: Lia [ Adaelia Huffman ]

Advanced Doubles Silks | Division Mixed Age

1st Place: Gemini [ Adaelia Huffman & Makynleigh Roberson ]

Advanced Sling

3rd Place: Norma Cruz

Advanced Silks

2nd Place: Makynleigh Roberson

Congratulations to all our Aerialists and to everyone who performed! This is a great showing for our outstanding program.

On Saturday, October 23rd at 6pm, our annual Fall Showcase Festival of Fright will be a great opportunity to see our Treadstone Aerialists fly in person.

Tickets are $5 at the door.

If you would like to learn more about our Aerialist Team, The Treadstone Flyers, you can find them on social media

Facebook | Treadstone Flyers

Instagram | @treadstoneflyers

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