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New Training Island at Treadstone Climbing Gym

I know that many of you have been waiting to use the HUGE new training island we built for you in the middle of The Gym. We are now setting holds on her. I’m sorry for the delay but hopefully everyone focuses on the intent of providing this in the first place. This island, the outdoor training area, and the other improvements we were Blessed to be able to make for you during the shutdown were meant as sincere “thank you’s” for sticking with us during that difficult time instead of freezing your memberships. We wanted to make sure you got, for that, something tangible as a “value added” ... even as you were unable to use Your Climbing Gym.

Please understand further that the Moon Board holds and lights will not come immediately either, though we will set non Moon holds on The Moon Side in the mean time. We’ve focused cash flow on keeping your Friends on our payroll employed, and on making sure we are set up tolerably well to survive these trying times - before ordering these holds. I hope that you understand. And now that we can order them, know too that Moon is taking longer than usual to ship - as the Home Wall market is absolutely booming for hand hold companies. I’m just trying to keep you informed, and to be transparent with you - whom we see sincerely as Family.

The photos you see here are a tradition for Treadstone. I call it the “Unweighting Earth” ceremony anytime we build a new wall. The hand hold used is the first hold placed at Treadstone, and the names of all who were present are written on the back. Symbolism matters a lot to me.

The delay in getting her running had a lot to do with paint cure time, my crazy travel schedule, and the fact that I still have work I want to do on the back side of the walls. But they are structurally sound, so I’ll set aside my retentive desire to have the walls perfect before we open them up to you. Just please pardon our continuing progress. Parts of The Sunshine Wall are supported with two full strength Zipline cables that are each literally the same as what we use to send people two thousand feet across a river, hundreds of feet off the ground. Super structural, but - like a cabled bridge - you may notice a VERY little bounce until I get the “stiffener” sections installed behind the wall. Honestly I’m curious how much bounce there will be, since the weight of the structure is likely to prevent most or maybe all of that, and I sometimes get that question on builder forums. Cables, after all, only pull in one direction. But I too can’t wait any longer to climb on Her. It’s going to be great!

I know I say thank you a lot. But I’m going to do it again. I can’t believe how over-the-top your support has been. I don’t know why I’m still surprised. Actually “surprised” is not the right word. “Moved” is more accurate.

- Marc sends


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