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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

All who enter must be symptom / fever free and may be asked upon arrival about previous potential exposure.

  • Temperature checks on everyone entering.

  • No street shoes on hand holds.

  • Practice physical distancing, but stay social. Routes and problems are well spaced in order to facilitate this, and we have a large open space. Please use it.

  • Use of masks is optional. However, please feel free to wear a mask if you would like. We have masks available at the front desk If you would like one.

  • Hand Sanitizer is available at the Front Desk and in areas throughout the gym

  • Try to avoid touching your face

  • No hand-shaking, hugging, please

  • Wash hands / use hand sanitizer often

  • Cough or sneeze to your inside elbow

High touch surfaces and communal areas are cleaned and checked consistently throughout the day and at close of business day.

Thank you all again for your continued support for us during this time.

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