Treadstone’s Friday opening will be a "soft opening" limited to 20 ppl at a time.

We hope we can move to a 50 person maximum by Monday.

Stay tuned to this Facebook page for daily limits:

We will open at 1pm on Friday, the 24th, and will proceed as follows:

  • All who enter must be symptom / fever free and may be asked upon arrival about previous potential exposure.

  • All must wash hands at admission

  • No street shoes on hand holds.

  • All will be required to blot the soles of their street shoes in bleach water at check in.

  • Practice Social Distancing. Routes and problems are well spaced in order to facilitate this, and we have a large open space. Please use it.

  • Try to avoid touching your face

  • No hand-shaking, hugging, please

  • Wash hands / use hand sanitizer often

  • Cough or sneeze to your inside elbow

  • Because of the high contact, porous nature of Silks, that activity will not yet be available. Stay tuned at our Facebook Page for updates to this.

  1. We have taken the COVID pandemic seriously. Treadstone closed before it was mandatory to do so.

  2. We stripped every hand hold off all the walls and washed them all.

  3. We bleached every mat, and will continue to do so many times daily and particularly at closing.

  4. We restricted access to the gym during the closure.

We have watched how “essential” and other businesses have operated over the last month, and have kept up to date on all the latest climbing gym industry resources. In fact, they have been in regular contact with us to have a two way dialogue regarding what we - the first climbing gym in the country to reopen - plan to do ... and they are watching our experience closely. Climbing Business Journal has already run a story on us and our current plans. It appears here:

We have spent a large portion of the last month of being closed focused on training our Crew Members. It has been very productive. We have Families ourselves, and we are heavily altering operational procedures to address our duty to protect the public health.

This will be a pivotal time in our society, and the entire climbing gym industry is watching how Treadstone handles this. We are taking our role in this very seriously, but we are very confident that this threat is a manageable one when good mitigation strategies are practiced.

Thank you all again for your continued support for us during this time. See you Friday.

- Marc sends



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