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At Treadstone, we talk more about culture than we do about anything else. Any top tier organization knows that they are more than their product. 


To that end, we are a Christ-centered culture of fitness, adventure, developing leaders and service. We are building people of all ages to be all they can be, and live their lives more abundantly.

Fitness is a major component of that, and climbers are among the very fittest people. Beyond that, the "summit experience” is the perfect way to build real confidence, learn to work towards specific goals, problem solve, and achieve. 


A metaphor for life

We also use climbing to teach leadership, intentional living concepts, and organizational excellence. 


These skills work for any individual or team, whether that be corporations, schools non-profits or church groups. 


We try to blend the best of all worlds into our culture, and are constantly improving for the benefit of The Treadstone Tribe.

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