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It's hard to know where to begin, but Treadstone's founder and owner, Marc, started climbing in 1991. He's been ranked as high as the #9 competitive climber in the USA, has been in movies and magazines, and has a great deal of personal training, programs management, and coaching experience

But we care a lot more about your story, and your path. we exist to help you however we can, and we are glad you found your way to us. tell us your own goals and give us the opportunity to help you reach new heights

A metaphor for life

We also use climbing to teach servant leadership, intentional living, and organizational excellence; and we humbly do our imperfect best to keep Christ at the center ... though that's not injected into all our content. 


We try to blend the best of what we find among the "A List" organizations, books, and podcasts ... and infuse that into a culture that we call The Treadstone Tribe.

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