What is … The Path?

What is … The Path?

“The Path” is a “Life Hack”

Most goal setting is well-intentioned. But the hard part is acting on them with consistency. Habits and patterns are monumentally difficult to change, but there is A Way. A Path. And we are here to share what has worked for us, the members of our climbing gym, and the top companies who hire us to bring this message to their teams. It is The Path that I am on, and it has changed my life. My goals are far more consistency achieved. I have more time. More emotional availability for my family. Better workout results. More self respect. Better everything. The Path is nothing less than a Life Hack, and the methodology applies just as well to any walk of life.

We don’t pretend to be perfect. Nowhere close to that, in fact. But I feel confident that what we call The Path is perhaps the best collection anywhere of the time-honored “Best Practices,” and we have battle-tested nearly all of them. The Path is The Heading to which you set your compass. It is The Way to your goals. The Script of Your Story. And like all stories, there will be conflict, challenges, and even failure. Everyone knows these, but few rise to meet them. These are the people who know Great Enthusiasms. The ones who will Strive, who accept difficulty as a natural part of any Quest, and who cast off comfort and security – knowing these to be illusions at best, in any case. To such as these, obstacles are stepping stones, and failure is just a learning tool. To such people belong The Lofty Heights. To them, the Striving is a welcomed thing that stretches the limits of today’s capability, even as it forces the adaptation and growth that s/he will use tomorrow to Press On toward The Goal.

The Warrior’s Heart

Some have called this quality “The Warrior’s Heart.” But you don’t have to be a soldier or gladiator to benefit from developing a Warrior’s Heart. School teachers, restaurant managers, and mail room clerks can all rise above challenges if they have a Warrior’s Heart. Why don’t we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. as just another preacher? He had a Warrior’s Heart. A purpose, from which he would not waver. He had a dogged, uncompromising devotion to The Truth and the value of his Mission. Few have this personal attribute. After all, anything that is truly exceptional is … the exception, by definition. Such people are outside the standard deviation. There is ample observational evidence to suggest that as little as one to three percent of the population could be said to have this trait. That would seem to be the bad news. Certainly this is the reason why there are so few such people, and that so many New Year Resolutions fall flat … or simply fizzle out with a whimper.

Success Can Be Learned

The good news is that being successful can be taught. It can be learned. It is not an innate thing, with which one is simply born with or without. The development of these traits involves goal setting … with nuts and bolts habits, tools, teachers, and systems that can be studied, then applied. At Treadstone, we have been students of this process for decades. We have read the books – and listened to the podcasts – of the A Listers in their respective fields. We have studied the organizational excellence models put forth by everyone from Jim Collins, Dave Ramsey, and Donald Miller; to the Special Forces “Green Berets” and The US Army Rangers.

All through the past summer and fall, I have started gathering the things I have been studying for decades, and organizing them into a sequential guide to the best of all the methodologies from every conceivable winning source. It is a cohesive training program for my fitness, my climbing, and for my life’s goal setting. I have shared the rough drafts with some of Treadstone’s members, but these concepts apply to everything, in all seven Key Life Areas: Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Professional, Emotional, and Relational. And the climbing life relates seamlessly to Striving Upwards in any area of life. This approach led me to a format I call “Scripting.”

The Next Steps

In the next blog entry, I will continue to explain the liberating concept of “Scripting,” which is my format for The Path. If you have been studying and applying “Intentional Living” or “Organizational Excellence” concepts already, it will look familiar to you. In my next post I will define it for you in better detail, with the goal of helping you lay the groundwork for the Goal Setting Season that starts every January 1. How long is The Season? That depends upon you. Do you have a Warrior’s Heart? If not, would you like us to help you develop one?

Your Best You Ever

We have some time between now and New Year’s Day, and I will use it to explain these concepts here, and help you set up your own methodology for Your Own Path to your climbing and fitness goals. But you should by no means wait to start working out until January 2. There are already weekly classes – and there is coaching – underway right now at Treadstone that go along with these blog posts. There is one tonight, in fact. But as I say to our fitness clients every year right before January: “enjoy some Holiday food. Have fun New Year’s Eve. But use the time between now and January 3 to prepare your mindset, continue to work out, get some coaching, and lay the physical foundation for what I call “D Day.'” It falls on January 3, 2017 this time around the sun. We have many new resources and programs at Treadstone to help you achieve your goals – in climbing, fitness and elsewhere.

Climb your best. Reach your fitness goals. Be the best you.

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