What We Are All About

TREADSTONE has been building high tech, steel framed custom climbing walls internationally since 1997.  Now, we’re bringing that experience and expertise to Columbus, Georgia with a brand new indoor climbing facility!

Marc on Gas Chamber

Marc on Gas Chamber



Marc, TREADSTONE’s Owner / Operator (pictured to the left) has climbed world wide since 1991, is a certified personal trainer, an experienced fitness center Programs Manager, a writer & photo subject for international publications, an engineer, and a one-time #9 ranked-in-the-USA competitive rock climber.



TREADSTONE walls feature our distinctive twisting, multifaceted angles that maximize training value and meet or exceed all Climbing Wall Association standards. Below are some photos from other climbing gyms we have built.

What Climbing Can Do For You

Climbers have the world’s highest strength to weight ratio and core strength; and climbing builds some of the most advanced movement ability in all of sports. It accomplishes this in many ways but the key from a physical perspective is that no two “reps” you do in climbing are ever the same (unless you are climbing the exact same route), so you are taking the “Muscle Confusion” principle to its fullest extent … which makes it almost impossible to plateau. And the fact that every move in climbing is a “fall / no fall” proposition means that you are always at your limit – which forces you to recruit maximum muscle fiber, making you stronger. Best of all, because the work and the culture around it are both so much fun, this ideal exercise doesn’t even feel like work or a chore … so the all important concept of “Exercise Consistency” becomes easy to accomplish and your body just becomes athletic.

Climbing can be approached as a sport, a fitness regime, an adventure, or all of the above. Many climbers are fully content to do it as a gym workout. Some will seek out adventures in places around the globe like Yosemite, the beach cliffs of Thailand, mountains like Whitney or even Everest … or any of a thousand locations in between. No matter how you approach climbing, TREADSTONE can be your base camp.

What TREADSTONE Can Do for You

TREADSTONE has the experience to train you to climb – and climb to your highest potential.  Whether you want to be a better recreational climber or push yourself to the absolute limit (and beyond) TREADSTONE has a training program for you. TREADSTONE draws from multiple physical training disciplines ranging from fitness, the military, climbing, adventuring, and more to create innovative programs designed to push you higher, make you stronger, and keep you ‘cranking’ longer.

TREADSTONE also offers recreational activities such as birthday parties, team building exercises, field trips and more.  We offer fun, safe and engaging climbing activities for people of all ages.

But this is just for “extreme” athletes, right?

Not at all! If you go skiing, you get to enjoy the slopes, the gear, the lodge, and the culture whether you are on the Bunny Slopes or the Black Diamond Runs. Climbing is exactly this way too. And the recreational routes are often near the expert routes on the same cliff.

Our Company Culture

TREADSTONE is so much more than a climbing gym company. The star on our logo represents the Guiding Principles that keep us Striving to live up to our Faith, Integrity, pursuit of excellence, and commitment to customer service.

Just as a Martial Arts School is about more than breaking boards, our culture Strives to be about more than grabbing something small on a sheer wall and pulling up over it. “Climbing is a metaphor for life,” as our friend Jerry Dodgen always said. It is about Striving, falling, getting on again; achieving something real, something difficult, something objective that no one can deny you – because you either reach the top or you do not. There are no points for form. No judges taking a tenth of a point from you for a perceived wobble that the other judges didn’t see …. it’s just success or failure … or failure until you succeed. This is a fantastic medium for teaching young people – or corporate teams – how to win at life. And at TREADSTONE, we take that seriously.