Finally! Fun Family Fitness.

Finally! Fun Family Fitness.

We get it. We understand, that – although everyone knows they should exercise be active – most people consider fitness to be a chore. But finally! You’ve discovered Climbing. Fitness is no longer a chore. It’s fun. It works for your whole Family. And it keeps you Fit.

Now, your workout can be a “can’t wait to do it” instead of a “have to do it.” When that’s true, you will do it a lot. All that time spent doing something that’s this active cannot help but keep you fit and trim. And honestly – as a personal trainer – I can tell you the number one thing for getting fit and staying that way is … consistency. You will get better results from a less than optimal workout that you do consistently than you will with a perfect workout that you do irregularly. With Climbing, you get an optimal workout that will want to do all the time.

And you don’t have to have “Red Bull athlete” fitness goals to get into climbing. Many climbers are seasoned citizens who just want to keep healthy; and many more are children – some as young as 2, but more commonly four and up – whose parents just want them to log more movement time than screen time. As generic as it sounds to say, Climbing really is for everyone. Just as with skiing, Climbing has bunny slopes as well as double black diamond routes. Thus, regardless of the difficulty of the routes, you are still a skier – or a climber, enjoying all the benefits thereunto.

As a strength-to-weight ratio sport, Climbing definitely offers distinct advantages to young people – much as gymnastics does. Because of that fact, many world famous climbers are 10 years old! But the good news is that Climbers keep getting better all through life. You are not over the hill – in terms of your potential to be world class – just because you have a few more decades on you. There are examples in Climbing of people accomplishing world class difficulty well into their 60’s! Physically, this is in part due to the fact that finger tendon strength continues to increase long past the age at which many people believe muscles are past their prime. And the technical and mental agility that climbing requires in abundance just happens to give the older folks an edge that equalizes the game when they compare themselves to the shiny rubber people.

Of course, if it actually is true that you are after extreme fitness … you already know what I’m going to say, don’t you? You are also in the exact right place. Climbers have the highest strength-to-weight ratio on Earth, extreme core strength, intense mental focus … and it’s pretty hard to remain overweight if you’re climbing regularly. We have the background to help you become as advanced as you want to.

Women, you ask? There is probably no other sport where the gap between male and female athletic performance is smaller, and fully 1/3 of all climbers are estimated to be female.

In short, these are the main reasons to make climbing your best Full Family Fun option. Unlike going to a weight room or a group fitness class – where your spouse might not join you and where you’ll need childcare – climbing is perfectly applicable to every member of the family. It’s a very social activity to start with, and many people bring their entire family to the climbing gym several times a week, meeting up with a whole new collection of like-minded other families and friends their age. A climbing gym like ours quickly becomes a hub of social interaction … and can even be where you train for adventurous camping, hiking, and climbing trips to outdoor rock cliffs around the region … and around the world.

Fun Family Fitness, and a gateway that can help you to inject more adventure into your life! Who could ask for more than that? Visit our website to find out about admission, memberships, and a full spectrum of classes, coaching, and personal training.

-Marc sends

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